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We are a husband and wife team, Andre and Toni, who love entertaining and enjoy meeting new people.  We bought our "dream home" aka "a disgusting dump", in 2013; with a vision to turn the ugly duckling into something beautiful. 

During the planning stages of what alterations we were going to do to the house, a close friend and architect of ours insisted that we had to go double story, to maximise the view potential.  When we asked him what on earth we would do with so many rooms?;  his answer was "open a guest house".  And so, the dream was born!!

The house was in a very sad state, due to ten years of lack of maintenance and care.  However, we started out with a strong and focused vision, and have spent the last six years renovating and adding on to the original footprint.   We do feel that we have achieved something amazing and are very proud to share our dreams with our guests.

Three of our rooms have the same magnificent view, which we simply have to share with others;  and, our fourth room boasts a private courtyard.  Currently, we are expanding and building, in order to add a few more rooms to our portfolio.  


We trust that you will choose us and afford yourself the opportunity to enjoy the magic that we get to experience every single day.

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