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Kids think jungle gyms are all about FUN, but they are so much more and we at Rustics Jungle Gyms understand this. 

​We are a husband and wife team who, in observing the physical and emotional development of our own two daughters, saw a need in the market for safe and well built jungle gyms.

Playing provides movement that is vital to all physical development as well as muscle control and hand-eye co ordination. Our Jungle Gyms have been designed to strengthen kiddies muscles, improve their agility and balance, as well as to build confidence.  Active bodies lead to active minds. 

In observing our daughters and their playmates habits, we saw that not enough time was being spent outdoors developing this all important flexibility, balance and overall strength.

We began to market Rustics Jungle Gyms to various schools, crèches and orphanages and have been truly blessed in the public’s response to our product.  We do extensive research and are passionate in providing the best possible structure for each family's individual needs. Our main priority is safety first followed closely by quality and strength.

Our customers appreciate our honesty and integrity as well as our willingness to go the extra mile.  The main reason for our success is by sticking to one simple philosophy – give the customer a quality product at a fair price.

We look forward to many years of creating childhood memories for you and your families.


Andre & Toni Hayward


Rustics Tarantula
Rustics Tarantula
Rustics Jungle Gyms and Playgounds
Rustics Jungle Gyms and Playgounds
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